Spot light- Kristin Faust

Please welcome our Spot light gal
Kristin Faust
Kristin has been scrapbooking since 2007. She started getting into scrapbooking because it was the only neutral topic that she could discuss with her boss. Since that time, and that job, Kristin has embraced every aspect of this hobby and continues to learn more each day. When Kristin is not scrapbooking she works full time helping children and families at a community health center. Kristin wears many hats in her current position and her scrapbooking skills often come in handy when preparing presentations or teaching.
Kristin lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four year old son.
Kristin scrapbooks to document all of the little things and stories that she doesn't want her heart to forget. "I always try to think about what I would want my family to know if I'm not here tomorrow. My family won't care if my page was published but will care if the journaling is meaningful and heartfelt."
You can find Kristin's work in upcoming issues of Scrapbook Trends and Creating Keepsakes.

I love how eye catching this layout is! I love the blues and I love these photos. I also thought it was smart that she layered the rub-on over the photo! Very cute page!!!! Great Job Kristin

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