Please welcome 6 more Spot Lights....

Today I have 6 more spot lights to share from 2009 :)
Each name has a link to their fab-o blogs.
Thanks girls for your GORGEOUS work and loving GCD!

I was just over at Ali Edwards blog and I saw our goodies.
Go to her blog to see more about it :)
Thanks Ali for featuring our goods.



Hey all,
Check out this beautiful layout by the talented Stephanie H
I love the large photo and embellishments on top of it. Thanks Steph for playing with our Homespun Chic.

Also, we are going to be on air with HSN on March 29th
We will be on at the 11am hour and 7pm hour PST.


This hobby unites us all

I'm so grateful for this hobby that unites us all together :)
I love that paper inspires us to make new beautiful things daily.
I love the sisterhood of crafters!
I feel so blessed to work for GCD and seeing all your craft projects, with our products!
Today, I have this beautiful layout by Sharon... our March Guest Designer.
As you look over this lovely layout...
I challenge you to create a layout to "tell your crafty story".
How did you get started? How long have you been crafting?
This is a topic we should all have in our albums :)

The winner of the Kit is

Melissa Sauls said...

Those are such fabulous creations. I would loooove to have that kit! Thanks for the chance. :)



It came to my attention that... My Creative Scrapbook Kit club.... had our fun Homespun papers in this months kit. I just love what there team did with the kit.

Here are just a few things from there team
This card was made by Delaina Burns our new Facebook Gal:
Layout by: Alicia Giess
and another layout by our Delaina Burns :)
Thanks girls for the BEAUTIFUL work!

Pam (the owner) is so sweet, because she let us have one of the kits for a give away.
Leave a comment and on Monday I'll pick a winner


New Video

Hey all,
Today I'm catching up on emails and getting everything in order for our new team, Spot Lights and Product Testers. To all of our Product tester and Spot light gals... I'll be in contact with you in about 2 weeks. I will have all the fun details for you then :)

Starting in April we have fun plans for this blog... so stay tuned. You won't want to miss it!

Today I have a fun new video with Melody. Check it out here

enjoy :)


We love Sharon!

Can you believe our guest design artist?! Everything she touches turns to gold! Let me tell you why I LOVE this project! Sharon took our new Homespun paper clips
and did this....
Isn't that so cool?! I love that she clipped it to the wall hangings top and ran a ribbon through it! SO SMART!

I also LOVE how she used our overlays and Chipboard!

Thanks Sharon for ANOTHER GORGEOUS project!


welcome spot light gal Michelle Bertuzzi

blog: http://jirokenscrapbookcorner.blogspot.com/
Thanks Michelle for sharing these beautiful projects. I love your paper cutting and placing :)

Spot Light Gal Rebecca Keppel

I am very passionate about scrapbooking. I began scrapbooking in 2005 after the birth of my daughter. I soon found that as a stay at home mom I needed to schedule time for myself to be creative to stay sane!. I also discovered that I love learning about this craft and continue to try to stretch my abilities. I love challenges and I thrive with tight deadlines. I enjoy being apart of the scrapbooking community and love sharing with others.

2009 Spot light Jennifer Ellefson

I'm a life-long paper addict living in Northern Virginia. I'm mom to two boys (affectionately referred to as Wally and the Beav) and wife to a great guy with hobbies more expensive than mine!
I've been working as a professional paper crafter since 2002. I've been fortunate to have my work featured in a wide variety of crafting magazines


Sharon Ong does it again!

I received this layout from Sharon Ong, Our March Guest Designer. It is so vintage whimsical and just plan BEAUTIFUL! I love how she used aqua blue, pink and black!
Sharon used our homespun Chic collection.
Thanks Sharon for your amazing work!


Chipart Contest with Archivers- BIG GIVE AWAYS!

Chipart Tool Contest with Archivers:

I'm so excited about this new contest and I think you all will be as well! From Feb 28th- March 14th GCD will be hosting a partnership contest.

To enter:

  1. Send a photo of yourself in front of the 'GCD Studios Chipart tool display' at Archivers (you can find my email in the blog contact tab)
  2. Create a project using the new chipart tool
  3. All entries MUCH be in by March 14th 12pm PST

There will be 3 prizes

  • 1st place - $150 in chipart supplies
  • 2nd place - $100 in chipart supplies
  • 3rd place - $50 in chipart supplies

I can't wait to see what you make and remember to have FUN with the photos in Archivers


About 2 weeks ago, we posted a new video with Melody and the Chipart tool. We noticed that there was an issue with the volume. There will be many more videos to come, but for now here is a GREAT video that the team from Archivers created.



Yep- this post has two give aways :)

Simple leave a comment here, letting me know that you posted this blinkie on your blog and on March 14th I'll pick a winner.

The winner will receive $50 in product from the new Homespun Chic collection

Have a scrappy DAY!


The winners of the give aways are...

Ok.... that is everyone!
Thanks for hanging out and all the comments/love for the new team!

The winners of the give aways are...

Vintage ladies

Robyn Schaub said...

Ooooh, how have I not seen THOSE?!! Adorable!


Metal Paper Clips

Laurie Marmon said...

Oh, these are so fabulous! Thanks for the chance! Congrats to the new DT!

Our New Facebook Team!

Over the weekend I came up with a new plan for our Facebook Account.
Starting in April... Our Facebook Account will become "A 2nd hangout"

This past Monday, I contacted 7 gals to fill these spots.
These girls will be creating 2 new things a month and "on the hunt" for our goodies in the media.
At the end of the month... we will pick a winner from "The media (Ya know, from blogs, Magazines, online galleries or wherever else we find our goods).

I'm so excited about this new idea.
Our Facebook will have More Techniques, More Sketches, More Ideas!

So....I'd like to welcome our new Facebook Team
Which is....

Facebook Gal Cherry Nelson

I have had a fascination with paper and scissors from an early age..use to cut out little paper villages and I adored paper dolls (still do)! About three years ago I started scrapbooking to preserve memories of my son and our family. In the last year I have found I really enjoy making cards and love to alter found items and make them my own. Paper is my passion and is theraputic to my soul. I enjoy the whole process of creating...from found items, finding that perfect paper, to the embellishments. It makes me happy!

How did it feel to get the call?
lol....I took the call in my craft room...my son Hunter answered it and to tell you the truth..I didn't believe him (he never knows who is on the phone) even when he asks..he usually gets it wrong. I would have liked to have screamed but didn't want to scare Heidi ...so I waited till I got off the phone and scared my son instead! rofl! Thanks Heidi girl! I'm exciting and it's a little surreal! Thanks for the opportunity! Yeaaaaaa! cherry

Facebook Gal Laura Davis

Hello, my name is Laura Davis, I am a wife and a mother to a 15 year old daughter. I enjoy running, working out, cooking, and creating. Creating is my passion. I love being inspired, and inspiring others.
♥ Laura

How did it feel to get the call:
I think I was in shock a little when I received the call. I knew the calls had already gone out a couple of days ago, and I didn't get one, but who was calling me long distance??? My heart skipped a beat when I heard who the fun bubbly voice was on the other end... The super talented Miss Heidi! Ya, I'm still starstruck. I am so excited and honored to be a part of the gcd family, thank you!

Facebook Gal Diana Brodeur

Hi! My name is Diana Brodeur and I live in Oklahoma with my two little girls, Aryanna (5) and Jaina (1). I work full time as an Information Security Officer at a local bank. It was here that I was introduced to scrapbooking by a coworker of mine in 2004. I have always loved being crafty and scrapbooking quickly became the perfect creative outlet for me to express my thoughts and feelings on paper.
Almost every night you can find me creating something on my scrapbooking table once my girls are tucked into bed. Whenever I am not scrapbooking, you can find me playing with my girls, reading, playing on my computer, watching my favorite shows or baking some goodies. I am honored to have my work published in Scrapbook Trends and to be a writer/designer for Scrapstreet.com Magazine. I feel so blessed to have been chosen as part of the GCD Facebook Team and I look forward to this wonderful journey.

How did you feel, when you got the call?:
I was at work when I got the call. When I heard my cell phone ring I didn't recognize the number. I answered the phone and heard this really sweet voice on the other end but I was still a bit baffled as to who the call was from until she said her name. I think my jaw dropped to the floor! I was so excited that I was at a loss for words! As Heidi proceeded to inform me what the call was about, I was grinning from ear to ear trying hard not to scream for joy since there was a meeting going on down the hall. I cannot express in words how overly blessed I feel to have gotten this call and to have been given this opportunity to work with GCD and the other fabulous ladies who are joining the Facebook Team

Facebook Gal Leslie Davis

I’m Leslie Davis, a Louisiana native who will always be a southern girl at heart. I’ve discovered that living in Missouri allows me to truly experience the wonder of the change of seasons. I share this life with my high school sweetheart who loves me and all my creative craziness. We are blessed with 2 wonderful children and at the ages of 11 and 14 we are well aware they are growing up entirely too fast.

I have always been a “creative” girl. I knew from the time I was in high school that I wanted to create for a living. After majoring in advertising and working as a graphic designer, this daily need to create is now happily filled with scrapbooking and photography. Scrapbooking has many levels of satisfaction for me. It is art created on paper about the people I love and captures moments in time. I just don't think it gets any better than that!

When I’m not scrapbooking, I can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up something with a southern or Italian flair or a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I also spend time running with my golden doodle. He’s my other “big” baby and a great companion.

How did it feel to get the call?:
When I first found out about making the Facebook Team, I was totally shocked and really had to try to connect the dots because my 11 year old daughter took the inital call. She said, "Some Heidi Something-or-other called about a design team?" In hindsight, it completely cracks me up, because once I figured out what she was saying I started screaming. "No way!! Oh my gosh!! " over and over! I could just hear her eyes rolling! :) Later I was super thrilled to talk to Heidi and can't wait to get started with GCD.

Facebook Gal Rita Barakat

My name is Rita Barakat. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for 19 years. Before I had children I painted life size murals for a living. I am blessed to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) to five beautiful children ages 18 down to 4! My talents are all in the fine arts. I direct a youth choir and drama team. I sing and have always been a crafter and an artist. When I ran across scrapbooking I was immediately hooked! Scrapbooking is my passion!

"How did it feel to get the call?"
I just got a new iphone the day before and I am not a technical kind of person, so first I missed the call. The I couldn't figure out how to retrieve my voicemail! I had to wait for my teenage son to come home to do it for me! To my surprize it was Heidi talking a mile a minute, saying you want to call me back! I called her right back and was SO excited I couldn't stand it!!! I called my hubby and all my friends as soon as I got off the phone!

Facebook Gal Delaina Burns


My name is Delaina Burns and I live in a small town in Alabama with my husband of 25 years and our two children. Simon is 19 years old and began his first year of college this fall. Anna is 16 years old and is in the 11th grade. I am surrounded by a large extended family, and you will see many of their faces featured on my pages and projects. I have enjoyed making things with my hands for as long as I can remember. I am a self taught seamstress and have operated a successful custom drapery and bedding business from home for more than 12 years. This job has enabled me to be home for my family, while working and helping provide for them. I began scrapping 3 1/2 years ago, after receiving an assignment from my daughter's cheer coach to make a scrapbook of the season's events. Though very unhappy with the assignment, I persevered and made a few pages. The bug bit and I have never looked back. My love for the craft and the crafters I have met along the way has changed my life. I feel so blessed to have been chosen for such an awesome team. Thanks GCD!!!

My blog

How did it feel to get a call?

It felt unbelievable. I couldn’t believe I was really hearing “Heidi Sonboul” say my name. I don’t think winning a lottery could have excited me more

Facebook Gal Cheryl Nelson

I'm Cheryl Nelson and am at such a great place in my life! I'm the mother of five children and the grandmother of two of the cutest grandsons imaginable and the grandmother to the sweetest, most adorable granddaughter. I love cooking, reading and looking for the sunny things in life. I've been scrapbooking for five years now and making cards for a year and am completely passionate about both. I think it is the most amazing thing to be able to express my feelings with not only words, but with color, texture and design. I could not be more excited about this opportunity to be working with GCD Studios!

How it felt to get the call:
My son is leaving next week to serve as a missionary for our church and will be gone for the next two years. We had just been to visit one of my married daughters who wants to spend as much time with him as she can before he leaves. As we were walking in the door I hear the phone ringing and sprint to answer it before the answering machine goes off. I didn't even look at the caller ID to see who it was. A really fun, sweet voice comes on the line and I had NO CLUE who it was. Finally I hear a laugh and the voice says, "Cheryl, It's Heidi!!" Oh my goodness, I had to laugh. Heidi tells me that she has a really fun proposition for me. Before she could even tell me what it is I say, YES! All I need to know is that it is 1. Heidi Sonboul, and I have really wanted ANY OPPORTUNITY to work with her and 2. Heidi Sonboul = GCD Studios and I looooooooove their product, so whatever the proposition is I want to be a part of it. Heidi explained about the new concept of a GCD Studios Facebook DT! Holy Moly I was so excited and am so excited to be a part of it!

Up Coming Product Testers

In order... please welcome our new Product testers for 2010

Brooke Aslett
Sarah Webb
Stephanie Poullin- Régnié
Katrina Huerta
Lesley Langdon
Gaby Alcántara
Tracey Taylor
Ashley Nguyen Newell
Clare Prezzia
Michele Brooks
Susan Lui

Another Give away

Leave a comment and you could win this....