GIVE AWAY #3 + Assignment :)

Hey everyone,
Today was so much fun! I enjoyed talking to the new DT members and I REALLY ENJOYED reading all the comments, along with the good spirited fun from all of you! This has been a fun/amazing day. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR PLAYING ALONG!
Okay here is the assignment part.
Next Monday (4/6/09), it's our big party day. If you thought today was a fun day... just wait for Monday! We are doing MORE GIVE AWAYS and we will post the lists of who made the
  • 4 Guest DT gals
  • 40 Spotlights
  • 21 Product Testers

So, make sure you're there to see if you made it on the list : )


  1. Post about the Party on your blog L
  2. Leave a comment here, letting us know you posted about it!
  3. Sit back and enjoy the fun

The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Now about the pack of paper. You have the chance to win....

Thanks again for such a great day and helping us bring the "FUN' back into the world of scrapbooking!






and the winner of the 3 in 1 Epoxy stickers is...

Chele said...
AHhhh I love these!!
March 31, 2009 11:14 AM

Send me your info at hsonboul@gcdstudios.com








Winner for give aways


AndreaWiebe said...
Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day!I added the picture to my blog....http://ajourneysofar.blogspot.com/
March 30, 2009 11:00 AM

3 packs of stickers

Windy Robinson said...
Great give away-- love your letter stickers!
March 31, 2009 10:15 AM

Send me your info at hsonboul@gcdstudios.com










1 Call Down!


The Calls Are Starting

It's 9am PST and the calls are starting right now! It was hard narrowing the 471 submissions down to just a handful. Really HARD!

Remember how yesterday I wrote "I've got something up my sleeve?"

Now that we have picked all the people I can tell you, I actually have 5 things up my sleeve.

We had such a hard time picking only 8 team members, that we decided to move it up to 13 team members. That's right 13 DT spots!

Also We picked

40 girls to be a blog feature "The Spotlight"

21 girls to product test

and 4 girls to be Guest DT gals.

So, there is a little more love then you thought! We want you to all know, that you 'crafters' mean that much to us!

Heads up:
We are allowing the team members to sign on over at two pea's, under a different "unknown name". Ya know, just like SOY and HOF ;) This way it's fun and you can chat with the girls that are picked.


Yesterday, I did the final count for submissions and the # was 471! I couldn't get over this number, so I titled today's post "471" :)

Today is going to be a hard day, because I feel like I'm/the team it placing a "title" on scrappers. Every ...EVERY submission that came in was put together well and sent with beautiful work. I have look at every entry and I can promise "I am so proud of you all". Sure, some of you might be more advanced in skills, but everyone showed a soulful side to their craft. Everyone put heart and thought into their work.

I have something up my sleeve for tomorrow, but you'll have to wait until then to find out. Good luck to everyone.

P.S. Let's get the word out! If you post this photo about call day and give our link on your blogs (about tomorrow), you could win this. Just leave a comment letting me know that you posted about it. lol can you tell I love give aways?! I love chip board and this set comes with letter chip board too!

Oh, I almost forgot! Head over to Moxie Fab world, because they are give away the Debonair collection


The count down to the end

Hello Saturday,
Even though this is my day off, I just wanted to say "Thank you all" for turning in your work/submissions. I truly have enjoyed all of the submissions and readying about your lives. Thank you for inviting me and the gcd team in.

You still have until tonight at MIDNIGHT PST to get your submission in, "if" you haven't turned one in and are thinking about it.

Good luck to everyone and again, THANK YOU FOR LOVING GCD :)


P.S. Here is a card I made for Cocoa Daisy's Guest DT spot. You can see the rest of my work on the April 1st (at their site).

Their add on kit has a few GCD Studios goodies in it :)


Our DT Call Game Plan!

Today's post is going to be pretty simple. Today is just a heads up for this upcoming week.

I really want this DT call time to be fun and different! GCD Studios is all about change and making a difference, we have a game plan! So this is what you have to look forward to this next week. This is our game plan and I'm clueing you all in ;)

Saturday- The DT Call ends at 12 midnight PST

Sunday- My day off ;)

Monday- We decide our new team!

Tuesday- We call our new team members by phone!

Wednesday- we send out paperwork

Thursday- Get paperwork in order

Friday- Prepare for our DT PARTY DAY.... and GIVEAWAYS!!!


Why am I doing this? Why did I just share all my secrets?

Obviously we can't pick all 350 something names (last night and this morning my inbox was packed with submissions) and because of that, we at GCD Studios want everyone to know how much we all care that everyone took the time to enter!

Note for Tuesday-

This day is going to be a little like HOF or SOY, but will be much more fun. This day every time i make a phone call, I'm going to post how many more I have to go AND we are having some giveaways! WOOT!

I want to thank you all again for loving GCD and all the kind words you have shared in your submissions and on this blog! As for those that will not be picked for the DT, I have something planned for the runner ups ;) Something really fun!

Remember you have until tomorrow night (Sat) to submit your work.

Good luck everyone!



Part two- Caribbean blues

After scrapbooking the night away, here it is... the Winter reason using the Caribbean Blues.
Do you see how versatile these rub-ons can be?! It's getting more for your money and you can use them all year long. Plus, these rub-ons would work great for a boys layout.
I'm a big fan of arrows, so I attached this photo of what I used and how I used it.
Tips & Tricks:
Let's say you see a rub-on you love, but it's too large for your project. What I like to do is cut it in half and then use it. Just like I did with this flourish at the bottom of the rub-on sheet. Doing this will allow you to make it fit!


Caribbean Blues Winner

Thanks so much for all your fun input about the rub-ons. I love reading comments!
Our winner of the Caribbean Blues rub-ons is

let's embellish! said...
These are really cute and it reminds me of the kids laying around getting some sun with their sunglasses on! I think they would look great on an acrylic mini album!
March 24, 2009 10:50 PM

Go ahead and send me your info at hsonboul@gcdstudios.com

I just love these rub-ons - Caribbean Blues
I feel that they work well with summer and winter themes, because of the different blues in this set. I made this layout 2 weeks ago, using the same rub-ons and you can see that it works really well for summer themes.

Trips & Tricks:
At the bottom left of this layout I used the flower rub-on and decided to water color the flowers and leaves. The flowers are hollowed out, so you can color or paint inside of them.

Tomorrow I'll post another project using these same rub-ons, but with a winter theme to it.

Remember only 3 MORE DAY to submit your entry. The DT call is coming to a fast end


I spy with my gcd eye

Yesterday I went over to the new CK Blog and I was so delighted to find this post about
border rub-ons. When I looked closely, I noticed our cute rub-ons made the cut.
This was such great news... that I decided "we should have another give away!"

Leave a comment telling me what you would make with these rub-ons and I'll pick a winner tomorrow. Also I'll show a layout I made using the same rub-ons.
P.S. Only 4 more days to submit to the Open DT call!

Winner + DT Update = Welcome Monday

Our winner for Pam's Sketch contest is......

Grace Lauer. I loved have Grace thought to flip the sketch on it's side. She also used the ticket in place of the journaling. What a smart thing to do! Grace, Ssend me an email with your address and we'll send out your new goodies :)

Thanks everyone for playing along with this sketch. It was fun looking at all your creative ideas.

As of today, we have had over 250 hundred submissions. I'm so happy and excited with the response to our open DT call and we still have 5 more days to go. Remember the team will be announced on the 6th of April, in a fun NEW way! Party here on the 6th Woot...WOOT!

Happy Monday everyone.



Sketch Contest

Yesterday I introduced our very first Guest Design Artist, Pam Callaghan. Her work was so inspiring to me, that I thought up another fun GIVE AWAY/Contest.
  1. Use this Sketch to create a layout, card or mini album
  2. Sorry, No digi entries
  3. Enter your project by Sunday the 22nd, 12 pm (PST)
  4. To submit your work, email me at hsonboul@gcdstudios.com and place "Pam Sketch Contest" in the subject line.
  5. anyone can enter and yes, you can enter even if you don't have gcd products.
The winner will win this fun chip board set. I thought green would be fun for this past St. Patrick's Day.
Good Luck everyone and I can't wait to see what you all create.


Guest Design Artist- Pam Callaghan

Lucky us! I'm so excited to announce our very first guest design artist....Pam Callaghan.
I have been a fan of Pam's work for years and when I asked her to work her magic with our lines, she took me up on the offer. Thanks Pam for all the beautiful work and I hope you all enjoy her amazing creations!

Pam's Bio:
My name is Pam Callaghan and I have been married for ten years to my husband, Kevin, and we have one son named Sean. I have been scrapbooking for over six years. I love every aspect of it from doing the actual photography to putting it all together. I also enjoy painting, sketching, pottery, poetry and other artistic things. I would consider my style to be clean lined and just a little bit of flair. I have been published over one-hundred times and had the honor of writing my first article for Creating Keepsakes in October 2008. I am so honored to be a guest designer for GCD Studios! Thanks for reading my bio!

There are so many things you can do with this line and I love how Pam thought to use the warm colors for a safari layout. I just love how she cut out the circle with the animals on it!


If you watched the video I posted yesterday, you'll notice that Pam used the large blue die cut circle. I love how she layered another (hand cut) yellow circle on top of it. Also notice that she placed pattern paper inside of that chipboard butterfly. what a fun idea!
The Debonair line matches up with the color red beautifully. You can see that Pam played off the color red in her sons hat. Looking around the layout, you'll see lots of little pops of red.



The Winner + Texture

Did you know that in every piece of paper that GCD Studios makes, it has a textured feel to it? It is the #1 reason why I love this company! I just go nuts over texture. How many of you knew this about our papers? The problem with shopping online is that you miss out on touching the product.

So, I'm here today to share this inside tidbit. That way the next time you're shopping online, you'll know this about our goodies.

Today I made this little ("It's a girl") card from the same collection as our give away, over the weekend. If you look at the photo closely, you can see that there is a textured look to the paper.

I think I might post a video soon, that way you can see the paper a little better. What do you think? Do you girls want to see a video?

And now for our winner

Karen Taylor said...
I blogged today about the new blog and added link!!I love love love your paper, so it was easy to blog about.
March 14, 2009 6:49 AM

Go ahead and send me your address at hsonboul@gcdstudios.com
Thanks girls for playing along and visiting our blog




I'm so glad you all made it here! Sorry for the confusion. Now that you're here, lets party!

I have another contest for you... and it's a good one!

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1) Link our NEW BLOG to your Blog
Step 2) Leave a comment letting us know that you have linked us
Step 3) Once I check it out, you'll be entered into the contest
Step 4) Sit back and relax

On the 16th (Monday) I'll announce the winner of this fun and delightful paper pack. Yes, that's right, a whole paper pack!
Don't forget to click on the "Follow us" button to the left ;) This way you'll know when we post each day.
Thanks so MUCH
Heidi Sonboul

PS If you blog about our site over the weekend...
That means your name goes in the hat twice. WOOHOO!


Coming up!

I had a great time reading through all the comments! Here is what you have to look forward to coming up next week.

  • Add our link to your blog contest
  • A New blinkie
  • A newer look to our site by Monday
  • A guest Artist
  • A fun sketch to play with

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another fun post.
Heidi Sonboul


Design Team Search

With excitement we are happy to announce our first and official design team search.

Scrapbooking is all about being creative, capturing memories, and having fun! When it comes to our design team we feel that our members should do just that; "Be Creative, capture memories, and HAVE FUN"!

Here is what we are looking for!

  • You've got to love the product! This is super important! We have 10 new beautiful lines from this winter's CHA '09.
  • Bring your personality to the team. We love drama free, fun, and outgoing gals.
  • Ability to work fast, if needed. Around show times we might need extra work done and working fast is a plus :)

  • Assignments need to be turned in on time.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then we would love to hear from you.

This is what you'll need to turn in:
  • A short paragraph about yourself explaining why you want to be on the team

  • 2-3 projects of your best work

  • Resume

  • A link to your gallery and blog

  • List of any teams you are right now
  • Your contact information
Each month the DT members will be asked to create 4 items from our 10 new collections.

We are looking for 8 girls to shine on our team.

  • 4 Scrapbookers
  • 2 Card Makers

  • 2 Altered item gals
Please keep in mind that we are reserving 3 spots for new "up & coming" crafters. This means that these spots will be reserved for unpublished gals to be welcomed on our team. We find great joy in finding new talent! So even if you feel that you're not ready to submit to design team calls, here is your chance! Remember to please keep file size under 400KB in the email and send your application to hsonboul@gcdstudios.com

Open call will close on March 28th (at Midnight) and the 8 new DT members will be announced in a fun new way starting on Monday, April 6th.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Heidi Sonboul

GCD Studios Design Team Coordinator