Get out your bling ladies!

Today I am going to challenge you to do something that might not come quite naturally. I often get comments from people about how adventurous I am when it comes to adding items feminine in nature to my masculine themed cards. While I welcome the title of "risk taker"...I don't necessarily think that items like jewels and ribbon are feminine in nature. Big frilly bows, pink hearts and flourishes of jewels everywhere....those are very feminine.

The key to using these items on a masculine card is to first pick colors and shapes that are suitable for the male receiving your card. Colors and shapes like these work out great:

Shades of green, orange, and yellow would also be great color choices.

The other thing to remember when using items like these on a masculine card.....less is more. Crisp and clean lines, and simple rows of jewels work best when trying to keep the card from leaning towards the feminine side.

I know...I am totally teasing you by showing two little clips from my cards!! So, without further ado....here are my father's day themed cards using jewels (& ribbon!!). Notice that they are completely appropriate to give to a man, jewels and all.

So, go ahead and add some jewels to your masculine themed cards!

Until later,