Photos from Brave Girls Camp

Have you heard of Brave Girls Camp?

Melody Ross and her delightful sister have put together a wonderful retreat. This retreat is, "the most incredibly fabulous and life-changing art retreat you will ever attend.....there are just not adequate words to describe this experience!" We are really excited for the Melody Ross Brave Girls Camp contest we're having and wanted to show you all some photos from past camps to tempt you a little bit more!
These are some of Melody's staff from last year who worked at the camp. These women really believe in this camp and in all the positive that comes from it!
Not only is it a great place to meet wonderful women with lots of life experiences...but don't you just love that BARN!!

This camp will be filled with laughter which really soothes the soul!

And it wouldn't be a Melody Ross camp without lots of crafting!

Of course there will be ChipArt projects as well!.

...and food!
...and of course lots of FUN!

We can't wait for this years Brave Girls Camp and can't wait to see your entries for the Brave Girls Camp Contest!

Remember that you need to include a picture of your project AND your proof of purchase of the Melody Ross ChipArt Tools you used in your project.


  1. Ohhhhhhh wow wow wow!! How FUN!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh goodness this looks like SO much fun!!! I wish I lived close to join in the fun... xo Danielle

  3. that looks like a lot of fun!!!! would love to have such a camp over here...:-)

  4. These are wonderful memories! Thanks for taking me down memory lane. Whoever wins . . . a gift of a lifetime!

  5. Sounds like a great time and looks like a lot of fun!!

  6. It is my dream to go to Brave Girls Camp. Now to finda Michael's that carries GCD stuff! So far, I'm batting zero in my area.

  7. Oh my gosh--- in ditching work for this challenge!!!

  8. I want this so much for me.... but even more for my sister who truly needs to learn to be a BRAVE Girl.... so if GOD gives me this gift, I will happily pass to her cause I love her with all my heart and whats to see her become BRAVE.. and strong.

  9. Oh yes! I will be out buying Melody's Chip Art Tools this weekend. It would be a dream come true to go to Brave Girl Camp.

    Lee Ann

  10. Are there more details on the contest? I really don't see here. Do the chip are tools have to be purchased from Michaels? What kind of project do you want? etc...

  11. I NEED DETAILS.......new to this. Just registered for Soul Restoration and am getting acquainted with my Brave Girls.
    Would like to try this project but need details.

  12. They look like fun, I have seen them here in one scrapbooking store but have no clue as to what how they are used. Brave Girls need to organise this event in Australia. Now that would be fun.