A Ninja Halloween

I pin on Pinterest and love the inspiration that I get from it. Sometimes I wonder how to translate that inspiration into a scrapbook layout. Here's one thing I did.

First, the pin from Kathleen Rogers:

SO adorable. However I found myself drawn to the cupcakes more than the flags. (Maybe I was hungry!) So I took the inspiration and created this layout:

I have the orange in the center (the pumpkin in the pin), circles (cupcakes) surrounding it, and "sprinkles" of mist all around the outside.

Here's the papers I used:

First, I used some red papers from Elementary, My Dear.


Trick Pony from Funhouse

Sunday Morning from Youthful Eggsuberance

A couple things I did to finish the page:

I stitched the circles down with a couple straight stitched, then I slowly swirled a few more stitches around the straight stitches.

And to add one more photo, I trimmed it into a circle, then cut a slightly larger circle out of the photos block to house it. I lay the journaling on top of it.

I enjoyed using this pin, not to recreate the actual craft but to take its inspiration to create an original layout. I hope you go use those pins to make a page!


  1. Wow wow wow wow!! I loveeeeeee this! I loveeeeeeeee those photos and loveeeeeeee the stitched circles!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Very cute layout! I love all the circles and your design rocks!

  3. Love this layout!