GCD Studios Design Team Call


We are looking for fresh faces and talented girls to fill our 2012 team. We are looking for
  • Motivated team members
  • A clean well presented style of Artsy, Shabby, Simple, Modern, Whimsy and much more
  • Great photography skills
  • You've got to love the product! This is super important! We have 8 new beautiful lines from this winter's CHA '12.
  • Bring your personality to the team. We love drama free, fun, and outgoing gals.
  • Ability to work fast, if needed (around show times we might need extra work done and working fast is a plus :)
  • Assignments turned in on time.
Scrapbooking is all about being creative, capturing memories, and having fun! When it comes to our design team, we feel that our members should do just that. "Be Creative, capture memories, and HAVE FUN"!
Spots to fill:
This year, we have 7 returning DT gals and 1 new sponsored teen. We are looking to add 9 new team members to make a total of 16th team members. We will be looking for
  • Altered Item Gals
  • Card Gals
  • Layout Gals
This is what you'll need to turn in:
  • short paragraph about yourself, explaining who you are and "why you want to work with us"
  • 3-4 projects of your best work
  • Resume
  • A link to your gallery and blog
  • List of any teams you are on right now or responsibilities
  • Your contact information (Phone number please)
Each month the GCD Gals will be asked to create 2 items from our many new collections.
Please keep in mind that we are reserving 2 spots for "new up & coming crafters". This means that these spots will be "reserved" for unpublished gals (which I will teach them the ropes of the publishing world). We find great joy in new talent! So, even if you feel that you're not ready to submit to a design team calls, here is your chance! We want to see your work!

We have a lot of fun things lined up for our 2012 team and our DT, so don't miss out on submitting.
Remember: please keep the file size under 500KB in the email and send your application to 

  • Open call will close on March 3rd (at Midnight)
  • U.S. Applications ONLY
  • The new DT members will be contacted by phone on March 9th 2012
  • The team will be announced Monday, March 12th 2010
Thanks for reading this long post and good luck everyone


  1. Yahoo! Our readers at DesignTeamCalls.com will be excited to learn of this opportunity!

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  3. All excited until I saw that only US applicants will be accepted. Good luck to all those that apply. I'm such a GCD fan

  4. Since when has the call been limited to US applications only? :-(

  5. Good luck everyone, its a great team to be on!

  6. How exciting!!! Good luck to all that apply! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. OH MY GOODNESS, I don't even believe it..... gonna apply!!!

  8. ohhh I was getting all excited and butterflies... then read U.S only :-(
    Good luck to all that apply

  9. We decided that projects for CHA are not getting back in time for the shows. It makes me so sad to not open it to over seas, but in the past team members got left out on fun assignments. I hope you all understand. I wish it could be different.

  10. That's a bummer about it being US only. I was hoping to apply. I love your stuff. :-(. best of luck to everyone who applies.

  11. I really wish I could say yes to this, but again... If it take projects long then 4-5 days to get back to us for shows, it's too late ya know?!
    We have fast turn around times for CHA's and catalog work. Again sorry everyone. I know that there are soooo many talented people out there and it kills me to do this, but it's best for the shows and again fast turn around.

  12. Seems I'm not the only one sad to see that the call is open to US applicants only.... :-(

    Best of luck to you all!


  13. Oh wow...so excited for this one!

  14. What a fabulous opportunity!!! Good luck to all who apply!!

  15. I have a quick question. It says that you're looking for three types of gals; card, layout and altered. Should we submit projects for the specific groups or a range that shows our overall style? Very excited for this year's call! YAY. LOVED the new lines at CHA!

  16. Submit the style that is your's if you want that style spot :)
    When you are a card girl, you will not be asked to do layouts. Altered item are kinda the in between, so you might get asked to do that from time to time. So yes, submit in your style type you like.

  17. Thanks so much! Looking forward to this call!

  18. oh wow!! I love GCD!! I think I am going to do it!!

  19. Yay!! Another huge fan of GCD!! Getting my app ready!! Good luck to all those who apply!

  20. Oh how sad! I just love GCD products and would love to submit but sadly I don't live in the States :( Such a pity...

  21. Glad I just read the fine print....I live in Canada !!! Good Luck to everyone who apply :)Love the new Country Charm and Bonjour collections !!

  22. OMG! I can't believe this. Loving this opportunity. Good Luck everyone.

  23. I'll double cross my fingers :0)
    Thanks for the opportunity!!
    Take Care!!
    Jennie @ http://earthyscrap.blogspot.com/

  24. Ohw... I'm to late.
    I would love to play along.
    So sorry. Kind regards Jolanda