Our next gal is...

(Layout Gal)

I always describe myself as the female version of Chandler! I am all about laughing, and even on darker days I do my best to "choose joy"! I have been scrapbooking since Mrs. Grossman stickers were IT, but started designing a couple years after my best friend opened up her scrapbooking store!
I am married with 3 kiddos (2 boys and a girl-they are 10, 9 and 8 years old! AHHH!)! We also have 3 dogs and a crazy cat (OH, and we don't want to forget the bird and turtle!) Before scrapbooking (and kids!) I worked in Emergency Veterinary Medicine as a RVT and worked for a marine lab as a trainer! (Dolphins, sea lions and sea otters!)
My weaknesses are Chai Tea Latte's, Jimmy Fallon (Hee!), sushi, chocolate cake, and an occasional Coke (regular please!)
I would describe my style as eclectic! It changes with my moods! But I LOVE to experiment with new techniques and really get artsey dirty once in awhile!! Sometimes I like to keep it simple, and sometimes I like to layer it up! I am always telling customers and students, there is really no wrong way to scrapbook! And "mistakes" are artistic opportunity! Make it your own!
I am so excited to be a part of the GCD Studios team!!
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