Travel Week: Aloha With Palm Trees

Hi everybody! Hope you are enjoying Vacation week on the GCD Studios blog. Today, I've got a fun way for you to feel like you've left town without ever leaving: Make a palm tree inspired card! Check this out!


 Fun, huh? And believe me, it looks like it was a lot harder to make than it really was.


I made the palm tree with patterned papers (from GCD Studios, of course) and cardstock. To make the palm leaves, I drew several ovals with pointed edges (kind of like footballs) on a piece of patterned paper.


I cut them out and then used my scissors to snip little triangles off the sides of the leaves. To give them a little a extra pop, I folded them in half. Check out that pop. The trunk is just a piece of cardstock cut in line. And I decided to let my palm tree masquerade as a coconut tree somewhat and made some nuts for it with circle punches and cardstock. Supplies: Amber's Avenue paper - Oh Happy Day!, Hailey paper - Oh Happy Day!, Savannah paper - Oh Happy Day! See you again soon!

Teri Anderson 2012 GCD Studios DT, Teri Anderson 2012 GCD Studios Card Gal


  1. This is AWESOME Teri!! I just loveeeeeeeeeee that palm tree!!!

  2. So super CUTE! LOVIN' that palm tree!

  3. The tree is so cute, wish I were under one somewhere!

  4. Teri...this palm tree is way cute! Fabulous card!

  5. Brilliant use of the grass/sky print! And the tree is fantastic!