Treats for the School Chums

Here's a spooky yet fun treat for the kids to take to school and hand out to all the other little goblins and ghouls on Halloween: lollipops disguised as jack-o-lanterns.

 To make these spookalicious little guys, you are going to need:
  • some lollipops
  • a couple different sheets of patterned paper (from GCD Studios, of course!)
  • cardstock
  • string
  • adhesive, scissors
Start by cutting an orange or gold patterned paper (I'm using the backside of the Heirloom paper from the Splendor collection) into a couple 6" squares. Fold the paper into a triangle.


 Fold it again and again.


 Unfold it. Set it aside. Wrap a piece of brown paper around the lollipop's stick. (Note: I used a piece of two-way tape to hold it down.)


 Set the lollipop on your piece of patterned paper.


 Fold the paper up, crinkling it as you go. Make sure it fully covers the lollipop.

 Tie a piece of jute or string around the crumbled paper panel. Be sure to finish it with a pretty bow.


 Set it aside and cut two leaves from green patterned paper. These don't have to be pretty. Just imagine you are cutting a rain drop. Once you've cut two of them, snip a triangle out of one end.


 Place the leaves on your pumpkin. Use a little liquid glue to hold them in place. Freehand cut a face from black cardstock. Adhere it to your pumpkin with glue.


 By freehand cutting the face, you'll get a different looking pumpkin every time.


 And for added variation, use different patterned papers on other lollipops. Supplies: Heirloom paper - Splendor; Floral Frame paper - Splendor; Swirling paper - Flower Child; Groovy paper - Flower Child Happy haunting!

  Teri Anderson 2012 GCD Studios DT, Teri Anderson 2012 GCD Studios Card Gal