Our CHA Winter 2013 Booth

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As promised, here are the CHA winter 2013 booth photos. I LOVE this show and being able to decorate for it. We had boxes filled with tea cup and projects, plus let's not forget to mention the grass ;) By day one, we were almost done with the set up and it was amazing how fast the walls went up.

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We had so many cute details throughout the booth, but I REALLY loved these paper lanterns.

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We had fresh flowers, all throughout the booth.

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A comfy place to sit and visit.

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Walls packed with beautiful projects.

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Cards in every corner

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What's a garden without rocks? So yes...we even had rocks all over the place. Cleaning them up was fun. lol

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Again... beautiful projects.

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We also had the BEST group of girls with us. Mary Ann, Nina and Wendi helped out so much!!! I always love being able to hang out with the DT gals.

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I cherish this photo with Heather and Donna. Thanks Donna, for remembering to take one.
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Our tea party looked so darling.

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We worked hard and visited with new and old friends. I enjoyed chatting with many of you and want to thank you for stopping by.

One more thing before I go.... Make sure to get those resumes ready ;)
The DT call is posting on the first.


  1. wow!!! this is gorgeous!!! thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!!!

  2. The booth looks beautiful! I LOVE the fresh flowers, and all your details are spot-on.

  3. Your booth was amazing!! I just loved it!!! So sorry I missed most of you!! I was there first thing in the AM and didn't get to see anyone!! Hopefully next year!!

  4. Amazing, Heidi! The details are fantastic! I love the desk with the globe and pencils in the Special Delivery area. Just brilliant!

  5. The booth looked amazing! Wish I could have been there!

  6. Wow! So creative! Love the light and airy feel :)