Pull Out Those Border Strips

Hi my name is Christine and I am addicted to border strips.  There, I said it, and I feel better!  Today I am here to share today one of my favorite ways to use border strips!
Bet you are looking at my card right now and wondering where in the world the border strips are...I love to take them and fold them into medallion flowers creating unique flowers.  I used two different scallop borders to create these ones and as you can see they have a slightly different look from your perfectly round medallion flowers.  So the next time you pick up a border, stop and think if there is an out of the box way you can use it!

Supplies Used:
Sunkissed Border Strips #2036
Sunkissed Label Stickers #2033
Sunkissed "Pretty Swimsuit" #2061 Paper


  1. Ohhhhhh this is AWESOME Christine!!! I am loving those flowers!!

  2. What a brilliant idea...so cute!!