Hello December!

We at GCD Studios are so EXCITED about this next 25 days! The days will be filled with fun ideas from myself and our DT gals. Today, we start by decorating our doors:

Christmas Wreath
(featuring GCD Studios Christmas Sleigh Collection)
By Lynn Ghahary


· GCD Studios Christmas Sleigh Collection
· Various buttons, jewels, etc
· Cricut Expression
· Accent Essentials Cartridge (or template and scissors)
· Various circle punches
· 14” Foam Floral Ring
· T-Pins/Dressmaker’s Pins
· Dimensional Adhesive
· Glue Gun (or other strong adhesive)


NOTE: I used my Cricut Expression and Accent Essentials Cartridge to cut various size poinsettias ranging from 1.5” up to 4” large. Each poinsettia consists of two layers of which the bottom layer is ½ inch larger than the top layer. If you are using the template provided to cut your flowers you will need to adjust the size accordingly.

1. Cut poinsettia layers using the Accent Essentials Cartridge (or template) along with 3 circles in the same pattern. Circles should be large enough to cover the center portion of each flower layer.

2. Turn bottom layer over and adhere punched circle as shown.

3. Pinch edges of petals upwards and add dimensional adhesive to center.

4. Follow steps 1-3 for top layer and adhere to bottom layer as shown.

5. Pin flowers to foam wreath and cover pin head with additional punched circle.
Continue to fill in with various size flowers in different patterns until wreath looks full. Hot glue buttons and/or other gems to flower centers once your wreath is complete.


  1. I love Lynn's work and this is fabulous!!

  2. Love how you made the flowers so dimensional, Lynn!!

  3. This is great, I love the paper choices.

  4. Nice tutorial and wonderful project!

  5. I love the flowers Lynn!! So pretty!

  6. Great tutorial and I've just discovered your product line thanks to QVC UK, they were selling your Paris Nights pad today and I was in awe with the lovely designs on the papers.

    I'll start to create a wishlist !