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Our DT has been hard at work this past 3 week, creating fun new ideas. If you are a "gift card giver" for Christmas... then we have the perfect idea for you!

Gift Card Box
By Nancy Doren
I’m always looking for a thoughtful way to give gift cards. This box can be used as a present to the whole family... fill it with one gift card for each family member, or with a variety of gift cards picked out for one special person!


Measure your box and cut two lengths of 12” cardstock to a slightly smaller height. For example, my box is 4” long, so I cut my cardstock strips 3 ½” high.

Score your cardstock at intervals slightly smaller than the width of the box. For example, my box is 3” wide, so I scored my cardstock at 2 ½” intervals. Fold in a mountain/valley pattern. Adhere the last panel of one piece to the first panel of the other piece, so you have one very long strip of folded cardstock.

Cut and adhere patterned paper into one long strip the same length as your cardstock strip. Sew patterned paper together down the middle.

Next, sew the patterned paper strip to the cardstock strip at each fold.


Using foam tape, adhere the first panel of the cardstock strip to the bottom of the box.
Adhere the last panel of the cardstock strip to the inside of the box lid.


Embellish the box as desired and fill with gift cards!


GCD Studios Christmas Sleigh paper, Christmas Sleigh Transparency, Lustrous Limes epoxy sticker. Other: paper mache box, cardstock, felt flower.

Isn't this the BEST idea???!!! This could be a fun idea for personalized stationary and pens :)Thanks Nancy!



  1. This is a great idea, and so lovely.

  2. "what I'm excited about this December is..." my 40th birthday on December 23rd! A milestone birthday in a life filled with many blessings!

  3. I am so lifting this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great gift idea . . . tfs!!! :)

  5. What a great idea! thanks for the tutorial too.

  6. this is sooooo rocking awesome nancy!!!! i soooo want to do this!!!! thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!

  7. What a cute idea. Love all the stitching details.