Enter to win a trip to Brave Girls camp!

Hey everyone.
I'm so excited about todays post and that I'm finally able to share all the info for our BIG 'OL Contest for Brave Girls camp.
Before we get into all the rules and regulations about the contest watch this video by Melody Ross.

Brave Girls Camp is such healing trip for the soul. It's filled with crafting, walks, uplifting talks and way more. And THIS is your chance to go!

GCD Studios, Melody Ross, and MOD Podge are having a Brave Girls Chipart Contest. Let's start with the best part; THE PRIZES!

1st Prize: 2 grand prize winners

1 ticket to the Melody Ross’ Brave Girl Camp (May, Summer or Fall Camp of their choice) - $2,000 Value

  • Airplane ride (Provided by GCD for US residents only)

  • Accommodations (Provided by Camp – MR)

  • Meet and greet with Melody Ross over a weekend with other celebrity personalities

  • 3 New collections of your choice with all the coordinating embellishments (Provided by GCD)

    2nd Prize:15 Lucky winners

  • 1 new ChipArt font set

  • 5 new metal stamps

  • 1 New collections of your choice with all the coordinating embellishments

3rd Prize:10 Lucky winners

  • 1 New collections of your choice with all the coordinating embellishments

Now that we have your attention you're probably asking, "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?" Alright...we'll tell you:
This is your chance to be creative with Melody's Chipart tools. We are asking YOU to create something (ie: a card, a belt, a necklace BE CREATIVE) that will earn you the grand prize trip!

First: To make your project; simply purchase one or more items of Melody Ross' Chipart collection from your local Michael's craft store. Make sure you keep your receipt...you will need to send us a picture of it later as proof of purchase!

Second: GET CREATIVE! Use Melody's Chipart tools, Mod Podge, whatever you need to create your prize winning project!

Third: Send us an email with all your contact information, pictures of your project, and a picture (or scan) of you receipt as proof of purchase. Send the photos and contact information to Chipart_contest@gcdstudios.com


Some things to note when sending in your submissions:
-Keep your photos size to under 300 KB and in JPEG format
-PHOTOS ARE KEY! Take your photos in good light. We suggest sunlight coming in through your windows instead of using your flash as the flash will wash out all the detail in your projects

The Contest starts January 17, 2011 and will end on April 30, 2011 at midnight. Submissions will be accepted until midnight and no later.

We will also be having mini contests throughout the next few months (ie: Valentine's Day Chipart contest) so be sure to check in and see what's going on!

HAVE FUN AND GET CREATIVE!! We can't wait to see what you crafters come up with!




  1. Ugh! I just got a TON of ChipArt goodies as a gift this holiday. Will these not qualify without a receipt?

  2. I have been to my Michaels twice and they do not have Melody's chipart anything. They looked at me like I had a third Eye (well, I do, but it only effects my children). I gave in and purchased some of the tools from HSN just last night. Will they qualify? I have to have more too but I was going to order on line since Michaels didn't have it...what's a girl to do? I shop in the Shreveport, Louisiana store. Any suggestions? Thanks Ms.Cheryl

  3. WOW....what an awesome contest and the chipart tools have been on my list to buy, specially now that Michael's have them. Time to hunt for them...I would soooo love to go to the Brave Girl Camp, its certainly something in my heart. Thanks for the chance...

  4. I've been to a couple of Michaels stores in my area and have yet to see any Chip Art tools or anything. They have tons of stickers, which I don't use a lot of unless they come with my papers and match. Are the Chip Art items only going to be in select regions? I live on the east coast.

  5. The Chipart tool will be on shelves Jan 17th and on. I will post a listing of the stores that will be carrying it on the 17th :)

  6. Julie,

    How fun that you got it for a gift :) All you need to do is buy a new melt stamp set... I think they go from $5-$30 and show that receipt. Unless the person that bought it for you has a receipt from Michaels already. that will count too.

  7. wowzer this is an amazing prize...

  8. What an awesome prize!!!! I can't wait to get started!!! Now, can we enter more than one project? Or do we just get one shot?

  9. Another couple questions...I have already bought a mallet and 2 boards, various chipboard pieces, a font, and a bunch of shapes at my local Arvhiver's store over the past year or so. Am I allowed to use my mallet, board, font and shapes to enter the contest? Or do we just have to purchase new chipboard pieces to work with?

  10. Hey Larisa,

    In order to enter the contest... you need to buy something of the chipart tool at Michaels. If you already have the main stuff, you'll just need to show proof of buying a new melt stamp set or front. The can run from $5-$30 :) REMEMBER save your receipt. It needs to be turned in with your lovely projects.

    Yes you can submit more then one time, but please remember to add all your contact info to each projects email. ONLY ONE PROJECT per email.


  11. Cool, thank you! What are "melt stamps"? Do you mean the little shape dies?

  12. Wow. I love this post. Thanks for sharing. I'll try to make one like this.

  13. Oh wow, I've always wanted to go to Brave Girl Camp. I'm making a special trip to Michael's today! Woo!

  14. It is February and my Michael's still doesn't have any of the tools.

  15. I am almost on first name basis with my Micheals because I am stalking for the MR chipart tools... No luck. Where is the list of stores you mentioned. They tell me I have to have a skew # for them to find them. This has become rediculous and tiresome. ms.cheryl

  16. I heard back from Michaels and I'm not happy...
    Hi Cheryl,
    I just heard back from the buyers for this department. I'm afraid the blogger spoke out of turn. Unfortunately this product is only scheduled to be in 120 stores as a test at the end of this month. I would suggest you contact the person who writes the blog and is sponsering the contest. Hopefully she will adjust her contest requirments and you can enter to win. Good luck - I hope you do win the trip.
    Nina Owens
    Michaels Social Media Specialist

    What now? Only people that live near the 120 stores can participate? Not even an online purchase is a possibility.

  17. What an amazing contest!!
    The prizes are amazing!!
    Looking forward to the other contest too!

  18. Can we not buy MR's items off of her Stampington site?? It HAS to be Michaels?

  19. What if we already own her cool stuff... I bought it last year from my local scrapbook store...they had an open trunk show. is anyone responding to these questions? Hope so... cause I want to get to go to Brave Girls Camp!

  20. Great contest and what a prize next time that i get to miochael's I sure to grab some of melody's chipart =0