A little about our Tina Higgins


I just love Tina! Tina Higgins is the creator of Fun House, Ella Blue, Paris Nights and Sweet Surrender. She and I become very close over this past few months while working on Fun House and Sweet surrender together and her beautiful vintage style shows in her designs!

Here is a little about her:

She was born and raised in the country outside of Portland, Oregon. Her childhood was filled with making things by hand; sewing, gardening, raising ducks & geese, cooking and painting. Her father was an engineer, a WWII veteran and proudly worked for Howard Hughes on his Spruce Goose and my mother a true renaissance woman and the state champion Sharp Shooter of Texas while in high school, they both gave her the strength to believe that there is nothing that she can not do.

After earning a BA in Fine Arts from ASU, she moved to San Francisco with her then boyfriend - to be future husband. She started Tina Higgins Design in 1992 and has enjoyed creating art that is inspired by her vintage paper collection and the passion that she has to repurpose the old into something new. Away from her studio she enjoys being 'mom' to her two wonderful children, going 'junkin' at flea markets, riding quads with her family in the sand dunes in California and just spending time with her family and friends.

We/ I am so excited to have Tina as a designer at GCD Studios. She will be at CHA doing meet and greets


  1. Thanks for the intro! It was fun reading a little of the inside story on Tina! Can't wait to see some of her creations :O)

  2. Excited about seeing her creations.

  3. LOVE your stuff Tina!! You are so talented!!

  4. TINA!!!!! I used to babysit Tina's beautiful (no, really they are gorgeous) children for years and spent hours ogling her studio! I will never forget organizing her ribbon stash and listening to "Pink" over the summers! She is one of the main reasons and inspirations as to why I LOVE creating now! Happy to see the "Fun House," line! Tina gave my mom some antique circus rubber stamps years ago.... Guess who has them now?!?! Can't wait to see what other amazing things Tina comes up with! GCD Studios... you have hit the jackpot!!!