3 days left to enter the contest + Chipart project

Hey everyone,

If you are planning to enter the Brave Girls camp contest.... you only have 3 more days to enter. The 25th at midnight PST is the cut off date :)

Just thought I'd share and now here is Rebecca.

Usually when you are prepping a piece of chipboard for embossing with the GCD Studios Chip Art tools, you spray and slightly moisten the chipboard. This softens the chipboard enough to allow an impression to be made. For this technique, you are going to use an ink mist to moisten the chipboard. It provides a hint of color, shine and shimmer (depending on the mist you use) and adequately softens the chipboard for embossing. These are the supplies you will need (a piece of chipboard, the GCD Studios Chip Art tools including the mallet, block, and plate, spray mist and chalk ink.

You will start by misting your chipboard piece:

You want full coverage without making it sopping wet (because you dont want the chipboard to fall apart when you start banging on it).

Next, use the Chip Art tools to make impressions in a pattern on your chipboard.

I applied mine randomly and made sure to have several hanging off the edge for a fun look:

Finally, you can ink the edges with a darker chalk ink for definition:

And you are left with a pretty handmade chipboard piece to be attached to layouts or cards.

I added mine to this layout:

Of course, I couldn't resist adding one of those gorgeous Cabochons from the Funhouse collection as the finishing touch!


  1. GORGEOUS Rebecca!! I loveeeeeeeee what you did with that butterfly! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. cute layout Rebecca. The chip art piece looks fabulous.