Artsy titles

Hello! I've been playing with my mists and would like to share a technique for fun and artsy titles.

To create this effect on your own page, grab some alpha stickers that you don't need or care for. I chose an alphabet that I wasn't really in love with and wasn't planning to use any time soon. Lightly put your stickers down on the layout where you want your title to go. Don't press the stickers into your layout too much - they will be hard to remove later without causing damage.

Next, spray your mist lightly over the letters. It's better to do a light spray, let it dry, then spray again if you want a dark misting. When the mist is dry, carefully, slowly, deliberately peel the stickers off of your layout. To add more contrast, take a pen and doodle around the edges of the letters.

Afraid the stickers are really going to stick? Are you wearing jeans? Before adhering your stickers to your layout, press the sticky side into your jeans and quickly pull away. Enough lint will be stuck to the stickers that they won't adhere to your page entirely, making them easy to remove later. I hope you've been inspired to jazz up your titles with this fun technique. Thanks for stopping by and happy misting!