Crafts for Him

My husband has a dirty job. As a mechanic, his hands are constantly covered in grease or oil or some kind of icky mess. He would love to have a picture of his family in his work station, but a frame with glass isn't feasible and a photograph would likely get covered in that same ick. I finally thought of a solution and he will find it under the tree this year:

Tool box magnets! These were so simple to put together. First, punch circles from patterned paper. I chose my favorite, manliest papers from the Splendor line.

Next, punch smaller circles from photos. Glue the photos to the paper circles, then glue large glass circles to the photos. I used Diamond Glaze as adhesive. Allow the glue to dry, then add neo-magnets to the back of the circles.

Now his family is always close by, protected from grime by the glass circles. If he wants, he can even use the magnets to hold notes or important papers. Because I used strong magnets, they aren't likely to get knocked off while he is working. And now his work station is a little more stylish courtesy of the great patterns in the Splendor line.

These would also make great gifts for people who could use them on the refrigerator, in a locker or in an office. The variations are endless and this would be a great project to do with the kids. I know my husband will love them!

Supplies Used: Candytuft, Navy Flora, Woven Chevron, Heirloom (Splendor); other: glass pebbles, Diamond Glaze, magnets.

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