A Cute Little Box For Him

Hello everyone! Dad's day is just 3 days away! Is your gift ready yet? If you have a Dad who buys about everything himself, a gift card may be a good idea for him on this Father's Day! We can put our special love and care in the gift card packaging, right?

Supplies: All from Special Delivery Collection. Heidi Paper #2041; Calvin's Race Paper #2039; George Paper #2037; Jack Paper #2043; Sincerely Yours Paper #2044; "I love you" & "No. 1" sticker from Label Stickers #2052; "dad" spelled using Alpha Stickers #2051.

I modified a box pattern I had on my blog earlier and made a new Collar Top Gift Holder Pattern that you can download at the end of this post. 

Please note that you will need to print at 100% scale to get a box that will be big enough for a gift card. For my printer, I had to choose "Borderless Letter Size" in settings to make it print out the full image. 

The bowtie is made following Paper Bow Tutorial by Heidi Van Larr.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!