Darling Milk Jugs

Hey y'all!  It's Amanda here today.  While I have yet to tire of the mason jar drinks, I thought I would try something different with these cute little plastic milk bottles I found on Etsy.   With summer birthdays in mind, I dolled up the milk bottles to act as functional party favors. 

Each milk bottle comes with it's own label so party goers don't get their drinks mixed up.  I also drilled a small hole in the top of each lid where I could insert the straws.  While not completely spill proof, it is sure to help minimize any mess that kids are bound to make. 

I wrapped the bottles with coordinating patterned paper.  This also helps tiny hands grip the sometimes slippery bottles. 

The straw flags were super easy to make.  I trimmed a strip of patterned paper, folded and stapled it into a small loop, and inserted the straw.  Piece-o-cake! 

Happy summer!

Supplies: From Special Delivery: Calvin's Race 2039, Dillon 2040, Jack 2043, Label Stickers 2052; chevron straws, milk bottles (Cupcake Social/Etsy