Catching up

Hello and good day!
I hope you all had a very Happy Easter Holiday. I know my little family did :)


For all of the Spotlights and Product tester gals, I'll be in contact with you this week :)
I've been super busy getting things in order for the DT and up coming Holidays. We have lot of fun things coming up!


Over the weekend I found out about this:
Shemaine Smith turned in a card to this site
Two Sketches for you and she won! Congratulations Shemaine and thanks for using GCD Studios products. This is such a beautiful card and I love how she added pearls to the flowers.


Over the weekend all of our DT gals received their 'box of supplies' and a few shared photos.




Happy Monday


  1. Congrats Shemaine! Lovely card!

    Can you believe....I never even thought to share my goodie box on my blog! Shame on me!! DH asked me if I spread the goodies out and took a photo of it...Sadly, it never even crossed my mind!! Thankfully someone thought to! lol :D

    I'm looking forward to my first project coming up....I can't wait to share it with you all!

  2. Oh how fune you lucky gals! I can't wait tosee what you have in store for us Heidi!

  3. What a beautiful card, congrats Shemaine!!!