Weekend Challenge= Going Green

Like I said before... I love gardening! Being that I love to garden, this is my challenge for you.
Head over to your local plant store
Pick out a plant or two
and plant it :)

This is a simple challenge that will help beautify our earth.

At your local plant store, you should be able to find a few flowers under $2. It's a great deal.

Feel free to share photos with me at hsonboul@gcdstudios.com and I'll share the photos here (of our gcd friends going green!).
Have a happy weekend.
PS I'll be back here on Monday for more Craft ideas about Earth Day.
Oh and over at Shop Crop Suey they are doing a GCD Studios give away :) you have until April 30th


  1. It's still a little early to plant much here. But when the season hits.....I'll have flat after flat of flowers to plant! I'm trying to incorporate more and more perinnials every year. To keep me from having to plant so many annuals each planting season. But I'll scrounge around and try to find something for your challenge.

  2. Well I didn't plant any actual plants today, BUT last night I planted two rows of green beans in my veggie garden and this afternoon my almost 10 year old ds and I planted Aster, Cleome, and Zinnia seeds in our front flower gardens where we already have several tulips blooming and several others nearing that state! I should be getting my tomato plants within the week and by then my zucchini will be planted as well. Thursday I get some basil, sunflower and pumpkin seed so I will get those started as well as some broccoli and maybe cauliflower! Oh and I moved two of my indoor plants to their summer homes outdoors today too. Maybe moving some of my irises to their new home by my tiger lilies will work for your challenge?

  3. Love planting new flowers in the Spring. The kiddos and I just did this on Thursday, a flower pot a piece and new plants in the front yard. I better get out my camera.

  4. Hey Heidi - my DD and I did get out this afternoon and got some flowers planted :) We had a beautiful afternoon in the Pacfic Northwest!

  5. The weather was great here this weekend and I have been planting nonstop!! I actually cheated b/c I had already got some flowers from my mom. She was dividing hers so I didn't actually go buy any, but nonetheless I planted a lot and still have to get my spearmint in the ground and some lilacs!!

  6. My younger 3 daughters helped dh plant several small flowers into planters last weekend, to decorate our front steps. :) We don't have a yard this year, so they were thrilled to get the chance to plant & help something grow!

    Here is a LO I did using some of those photos. (I'm sorry it doesn't use GCD products... haven't been able to get any yet.)


  7. My kids and I do this every year!! All kinds of flowers, sometimes perennials, veggies. Still too early up here. I won't plant anything before Mother's Day. We still have to worry about frost at night. :)

  8. darn....too early to buy plants here but will eventually