Seed Matchbooks By Jenyfur Pohl

When I received this project from Jenyfur... I JUST LOVED IT! I loved it so much, I saved it for today! Wouldn't this make the cutest gift for Earth Day???!!!

For full instructions... head over to Jenyfur's blog
Products used:
Paper: Margarita collection
Stickers: Margarita collection, Making Memories

GCD Mail:

The other day I received two emails from blog followers, sharing how they are helping Mother Earth.

Jessi Wilson wrote and shared:
Hey Heidi,

I have done all kinds of planting this weekend and still have more to go. My mom gave me some plants and flowers she was dividing up(B/C she has way too many) and so I've become a gardener! I actually love it. I always love a hobby where I can get my hands dirty! Hope you enjoy...Jessi
Mimi Leinbach said and shared:

Hi Heidi,
I saw your going green challenge on the blog and thought I would send a few pictures I took today. On top of just planting my pansy's and parsley, we just raised a bunch of painted lady butterflies and released them today. Of course they loved all the flowers and I captures a few pictures of them on the blossoms.
Thanks girls for sharing these beautiful photos!
and don't forget to give back to Mother Earth this day.


  1. What a gorgeous project, Jenyfur! Love it!

  2. This is adorable Jen!! What a fabulous idea!!

  3. Great project and I love those pics of your flowers, Mimi!!

  4. Fantastic - love that seed book - it's just adorable.

  5. love it :) also a perfect gift for mother's day!

  6. Ouuuuuu! Jenyfur your seed packet is the Ultimate in gorgeousness: the colours. the texture, the way you did the sentiment: all heavenly!!! Looks like the marigolds & orange pansies I planted yesterday! Love the great pics of planting & flowers too Jessi & Mimi, :O)

  7. what a cute matchbook. I love the idea of giving out seeds for Earth Day. I'll have to remember that one for next year.