12 of 12 challenge

Do you know??? about the 12 of 12 challenge???

A few months back, I came across a very fun challenge! On the 12th day of the month... you take 12 photos :) and then scrap them the next day.
I love this challenge because... It helps you

1) Doccument one day for each month
2) You have to think out of the box, when taking photos
3) You get to scrap the photos when you are done :)

For more info on 12 of 12, click ---> here

Away from the 12 of 12 challenge, check out this beautiful layout by Heidi Mansion. what a perfect way to use the Provence collection :)


  1. what a cool idea for a challenge!

  2. So pretty!!!! What a great idea!!!

  3. this chick did an amazing job on this layout!

  4. This layout is great, girl! Way to go! =)

  5. sounds very cool! Can't wait to see the layouts done with this challenge.