Provence Collection

Do you like the Provence collection??? Do you have a project or layout, you'd like to share? If so, I'd love to see it all! Please send all your Provence projects to hsonboul@gcdstudios.com and I'll do a fun Provence collection post next week.

Yesterday, I said I had a Provence layout and here it is. This is a photo of my Mom at the age of 3.

Things I love about this collection:

1) It's sooooo BOLD with patterns... that you don't need a lot to make a great layout.
2) It goes REALLY well with vintage photos.
3) The colors give it a rich/quality look

On Monday, make sure you come back, because our Guest design Artist has made us something really lovely with this same collection.

Happy Friday everyone and have a safe weekend.

If you don't have the collection and have been wanting to find/buy it, you can find it here

A cherry on top