Facebook Gal Diana Brodeur

Hi! My name is Diana Brodeur and I live in Oklahoma with my two little girls, Aryanna (5) and Jaina (1). I work full time as an Information Security Officer at a local bank. It was here that I was introduced to scrapbooking by a coworker of mine in 2004. I have always loved being crafty and scrapbooking quickly became the perfect creative outlet for me to express my thoughts and feelings on paper.
Almost every night you can find me creating something on my scrapbooking table once my girls are tucked into bed. Whenever I am not scrapbooking, you can find me playing with my girls, reading, playing on my computer, watching my favorite shows or baking some goodies. I am honored to have my work published in Scrapbook Trends and to be a writer/designer for Scrapstreet.com Magazine. I feel so blessed to have been chosen as part of the GCD Facebook Team and I look forward to this wonderful journey.

How did you feel, when you got the call?:
I was at work when I got the call. When I heard my cell phone ring I didn't recognize the number. I answered the phone and heard this really sweet voice on the other end but I was still a bit baffled as to who the call was from until she said her name. I think my jaw dropped to the floor! I was so excited that I was at a loss for words! As Heidi proceeded to inform me what the call was about, I was grinning from ear to ear trying hard not to scream for joy since there was a meeting going on down the hall. I cannot express in words how overly blessed I feel to have gotten this call and to have been given this opportunity to work with GCD and the other fabulous ladies who are joining the Facebook Team


  1. Big Congrats Diana!! So excited to be working with you!!

  2. Woot! congrats Diana!!! So excited for you!

  3. Congrats Diana! I am super excited to be working with you :)

  4. Yeaaaaaaaa Diana! Look forward to working with you! cherry

  5. Thanks ladies! I am exciting to be working with all of you too!:)