Facebook Gal Cherry Nelson

I have had a fascination with paper and scissors from an early age..use to cut out little paper villages and I adored paper dolls (still do)! About three years ago I started scrapbooking to preserve memories of my son and our family. In the last year I have found I really enjoy making cards and love to alter found items and make them my own. Paper is my passion and is theraputic to my soul. I enjoy the whole process of creating...from found items, finding that perfect paper, to the embellishments. It makes me happy!

How did it feel to get the call?
lol....I took the call in my craft room...my son Hunter answered it and to tell you the truth..I didn't believe him (he never knows who is on the phone) even when he asks..he usually gets it wrong. I would have liked to have screamed but didn't want to scare Heidi ...so I waited till I got off the phone and scared my son instead! rofl! Thanks Heidi girl! I'm exciting and it's a little surreal! Thanks for the opportunity! Yeaaaaaa! cherry