Let's get started!

Today's post is all about accordion shaped flowers....so let's get started!

First cut a strip of 1"x12" patterned paper, and another strip of 1/2"x8" patterned paper. Then start putting score marks every 1/4" on the strips:

A lot of people don't score it, and that is fine. I prefer to because it makes this next part easier. Now, accordion fold both strips.

Next, glue the two ends together so it makes a ring. I use hot glue so that it will not come apart.

Now fold the top of the ring inward, leaving the bottom to fan out in the shape of a flower.

Have a small cardstock circle that you can fold it down onto, and hold the two peices together very tight. Hot glue a small section at a time, and let set. This makes it so the accordion fold won't pop back out, and makes it easier to glue to your project.

Repeat this process with the smaller strip of paper. This is how I designed my card with the two accordion folded flowers:

The accordion flowers make for a really fun accent, and a very inexpensive one at that! All you need a few strips of patterned paper!

You don't have to make the accordion fold a complete circle either. It looks really great in fan form, and makes for an excellent accent!

Everything on both cards except for the cardstock and ribbon are GCD Studios product, from the Urban Artsy collection.

Hope you enjoyed this easy and fun tutorial, and I can't wait to see your accordion fold projects!

Until later,


  1. Oh this is sooooo very pretty and thank you so much for the How To!!!!

  2. okay, so this post convinced me to try these flowers out. BUT i am a little confused, if i am reading the instructions correctly, i am wondering why the strips are different widths? Was this a typo or do i really cut one strip 1 x 12 and the other 1/2 x 8? My flower didn't do so well when i followed the instructions, so am i missing something? i really need help!

  3. okay, i think that i get it now... i wasn't suppose to glue them together.... one makes a full flower and the other makes a fan! sometime i wonder what i am thinking! i don't follow directions very well!
    thanks for the tutorial, my flower turned out beautiful!

  4. Love it-I'll give it a try tonight.