I like your party hat :)

Hi everyone !
This is Emeline and hope you are enjoying the warm June sunshine.

Remember this colorful cheery collage ?! It sets the mood and spirit of today's blogpost.

Inspired by the celebratory mood I got from this pictures, I created a party hat.

Together with GCD Studios' ChipArt Tools, I created some textures and visual interest.

You too, could re-create this look on your chipboards with these straight forward steps!

1. Stamp chipboard with Ornamental Stamp
2. Here's the FUN part ! Use a Crayon stick and color the debossed chipboard.
Here are some tips to help you along the way
- Use the horizontal side of the crayon for color fill in.
- Choose Darker Color so that the textures will be more evident in later steps.

3. Apply a layer of Stickles onto the chipboard.
With your fingers, blend the liquid and make sure it covers the de-bossed chipboard completely. Let Dry.(I used Metallic Opel White Stickles)

The effect is amazing ! The stickles transformed the original color and makes it more mellow and muted with a metallic tinge.

The liquid stickles blends the crayon and because the stickles are metallic, the finished effect is a little shiny. Perfect for a party ! :)

Here's another tip : you could try to tone down the colors on the chipboard by controlling the amount of stickles used. More stickles dilute the colors and make the colors a little mellow.

Do try it out !
There are so many possibilities to make the Chipboard Art Tools and colors work.
You might even want to make this little cute party hat decorate your party table !