My daughter loves jewelry

My daughter loves jewelry! She seriously loves jewelry - no joke. My husband and I are always teasing that we pity the guy that dares to marry this little princess because he is going to have very empty pockets :) (something my husband can attest to ;))
With my daughter's birthday coming up I was thinking about favors that we could make together to give out to her friends (who all happen to also love jewelry *smile) armed with her help, some awesome GCD Studios paper, and a few key supplies - Ashlee and I sat down to create some scrabble pendants we hope her friends adore!
So if you have ever wondered how to create these little scrabble pendants - you are in luck because I am going to show you how to do it today!
Supplies Needed:

Mod Podge
Craft Scissors
Exacto knife
Jewelry Bail
Diamond Glaze
A Pin
A good quality paint brush
E-6000 glue (or other jewelry glue)
Scrabble tile
Step 1:Choose your paper or design a design of your own using photoshop. I choose to cut out a heart from one of the GCD Papers lines called Zippity (#419 Hearts).

Step 2:
Apply an even layer of mod podge to the backside of the scrabble tile (the side without the letter) and place your paper on top. Let it dry and then using your exacto knife cut around the outside edges to make it even with your tile.

Step 3:
Apply a thin even layer of mod podge over the top of the tile to seal the paper onto the tile. Allow to dry.

Step 4:
Now apply a good amount of diamond glaze to the tile. Start in the outer edges going completely around in a square and then fill in the middle. Be careful not to leave bubbles. If you do get a bubble - use a pin to poke it out.

Step 5:
Allow it to dry overnight or for several hours. This is important as it can take several hours for it to completely harden.

Step 6:

The next day or several hours later add the jewelry bail to the back using E-6000 glue (or other jewelry glue)

Here's the completed necklace (I decided to just purchase little chains at my local craft store):
These are not only super simple to make but they are (as my daughter would say) Sooo utterly fabulous - and a big hit for little girls!

So there you have it a super simple idea for a birthday gift or favor!

Have a super day everyone!


  1. What a great "out of the box" technique!

  2. What a SWEET idea! I'm going to pass this along to my sister for her daughter's next birthday party. The girls are gonna love it!

  3. cute scrabble pendant! thanks for sharing :)! have a great day! *hugs* steph :)

  4. This is so fun, easy and cute! TFS!

  5. Very fun and easy - I love it!

  6. This is ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to make one with my daughter:-)