The month of July is when America celebrates its independence. But, we wouldn't have that independence without the sacrifice of our armed forces, and their families. For this month's technique post, I chose to focus on cards that honor those in our military.

The technique that I am sharing with you is by no means a new one, but one that maybe you haven't visited in awhile. I seem to forget how much texture and detail sanding can add to a project, and paired with the beautiful texture of GCD Studios papers....it is a sure winner.

The supply list is pretty basic. All you need is some sandpaper, your patterned paper block, and an old surface that you don't mind getting scratched up.

When I sand paper block, I start by sanding the edges first. It brings out that nice white core to the paper, and adds a great border to the paper block.

I don't normally sand inside of the paper block....but GCD Studios paper just screams for it to be done. Check out how much texture and detail the sanding brings out of the paper block:

And here is a little side by side comparison to some unsanded GCD Studios paper. They are both gorgeous....

And here are the two cards that I came up with. My first card was meant for sending to wherever your soldier might be located. I read somewhere online that you don't want to ever send cards that have glitter on them to a soldier, because glitter makes them visible at night if it gets on them at all. So, I made sure that I didn't use any type of paper with glitter on it. I also made the card very flat, so it would be easier to send, and wouldn't possibly cause any mail problems. Look at how much texture the sanding gives the card, even with the card being so flat in nature.

This next card is meant to give to your soldier once they get home. This one is chalk full of glittery paper, jewels, dimension, sanding, texture....you name it. Soldiers coming home deserve all the decoration in the world....so why shouldn't their welcome home card be the same?

All of the papers on these cards are from the Independence collection by GCD Studios. This is a completely fabulous paper set, and works with so many different themes....but especially patriotic themes. They are a perfect addition to your scrapbooking paper collection!

Thanks for honoring our soldiers with me this month!

Until later,