I'm prepared!

"Mom, I lost my pencil!"
"Mom, where are the scissors?"
"Mom, can I use your scrapbooking glue? I can't find a glue stick."
Are these phrases familiar to you? Do you hear these same words when it's time for your kids to get their homework done? Do you find yourself fumbling through the junk drawer for a pencil sharpener or an eraser? I have personally experienced all of these homework hang-ups, but this school year will be different. I'm prepared!

A clear box with large sections and some school-inspired GCD Studios papers have me saying bring on the backpacks! I kept the design fairly simple because this box is going to see daily wear and tear.

Last year each of my boys had their own pencil box filled with the same supplies. It didn't work very well, and I'll tell you what I learned. Without a specific home for everything within the box, it was hard for my boys to know what was actually there. Scissors can drown in a sea of coloring crayons, you know. They could leave a glue stick out one afternoon and not realize it until the next day (after little brother ran away with it). The compartments in this particular box will help my boys to see all of their supplies at a glance. If a compartment is empty, something must still be out.

I backed the design on the front with a patterned paper featuring positive, encouraging phrases. As the lid is open, my boys will see things like "Wow", "Well Done", and "Outstanding" - great motivation for slaving away on that daily homework.

Aside from homework boxes, these altered containers make great gifts for all kinds of occasions. For teachers, try filling one with chocolates as a "school day survival kit". Organize desk supplies and personalize the box with his/her name and classroom number. What would you do with a box like this?
GCD Studios Materials Used: Elementary My Dear Collection (papers)


  1. So cute! Love the design and that box is great!! Now, where did you get it?

  2. This is a really great idea and can be used for so many things!!!

  3. That particular box I bought at JoAnn's in their craft storage aisle. You can look in the beading section of most craft stores for more options, too :). And there's always the hardware store - my husband uses similar boxes for nuts and bolts and things like that.