Revamp your journals

Ah..... what another beautiful color inspiration photo to work with this month. I know I went through a time when pink was not my favorite color, but I just can't help it any more. Pink is just a happy color. All the lovely things in the world come in shades of pink after all... bubblegum, cupcakes, cotton candy, flowers, hearts... Hey, even the only medicine that ever tasted good came in pink!

I'm not sure that I can remember the last time I put black on something I wanted to be pretty, but I think it works in this case. A dash of Caribbean blue thrown in there makes it all the more sweet and refreshing. Besides, it's another color of my favorite food: cotton candy. Heehee!

Since it's back to school time, I started to make a cover for my notebook, but during my supply scavenge, I came across a journal that I decided to make a cover for instead. Here's how it turned out...

I had so many shades of pink that didn't really match each other that I decided to just include them all. I think it ended up looking "matchy" in the end after all.

I wonder what I should write in my journal...

Perhaps I'll start writing letters to my little Ethan. I think it would be nice to have letters from my mother and grandmother written when I was a child. Maybe I'll have family members write him letters and put them in here too. What a great keepsake for when he's older!

Do you keep a journal? How often do you write in it?
Do you have any keepsakes that you've put together or started for your children?

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the scallops!!! I love PINK too! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Adorei...lindos projetos,...
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