"10 Reasons I Love You"

As a mother to boys, this line has to be my absolute favorite new collection! From airmail stripes to retro images, and even florals to keep this girlie girl happy, Special Delivery is awesome! I created a "10 Reasons I Love You" page:

Using instagram photos that my little guy and I took early one morning (yes, that is me without any make-up and before I even took a brush to my hair!), I adopted a grid pattern for my page.

Using bits from "Stamp Collection" and "Jack", I filled the grid with rectangles and photos, journaling and accents.

Special Delivery was a lot of fun to work with and one collection I will return to again and again to record memories of my boys.

GCD Studios Supplies Used: Jack #2043, Scott's Stamp Collection #2046, Calvin's Race #2039, George #2037.


  1. Great design! I love the pop of red. Thanks for the inspiration Tessa!

  2. The addition of the red just really makes the whole layout come alive! Love it!