Monogrammed child's magnets- by Grace Tolman

By Grace Tolman

When you mention Earth day, the first thing that pops into my head is recycling, so I decided to alter some old refrigerator magnets.
I made these so I can display my children's artwork proudly. Since both my children have the same initial, I went with a pink color scheme for my daughter and a blue color scheme for my son, to tell the difference.
Materials used:*
all from GCD studiosPattern papers- (pink) Eye Candy line; (blue) Canta linechipboard shapes- Ravishing redsLetter stickers- Glitter black and turquoiseStar ribbon- Planes and trainsOthers- Magnets
For the Pink Magnet:
-Place the initial onto your choice of chipboard shape.
-Cut pattern paper into about an inch strip.
-Take off the adhesive part of the chipboard shape and adhere the pattern paper strip around the shape, in my case it's the circle, folding as you go to create the pleats.
-Take a scrap cardstock about the same size of the chipboard shape and sandwich the pattern paper pleats between the chipboard and cardstock.
-Adhere to the magnet.
-Embellish more if desired.
For the blue magnet
-Cut a circle from pattern paper, big enough to cover the magnet
-Adhere the desired letter onto your chipboard shape.
-Adhere a strip of ribbon, with edges cut in an angle, over the bottom part of the circle paper.
-Place the monogrammed chipboard over the pattern paper and ribbon.
-Glue the magnet on the back of the circle.-Embellish more if desired.
This is a simple and crafty idea, to help out Mother Nature!


  1. What a great idea Grace! I have tons of these types of magnets just stuck to the side of my fridge that I don't use anymore. Now I know exactly what to do with them! :)

  2. What a fun and super cute idea.....I will have to dig out those old magnets and let the grandkids each make one of these. TFS

  3. Love this idea!
    Great project!! :-)

  4. cute magnet, thanks for sharing

  5. Really cute idea! I have some magnets that need to be glamourized...thanks for sharing!! =)