A Crafty Idea

When our DT gal- Renee turned these beautiful flowers in... I thought they would be a perfect post for today! Renee said "I got this pattern from my sister Gina Hanson" and if you remember, Gina, won the card sketch challenge :)... so talent runs in the family!

Anyways, I love how Renee used such bright colors and fun wild pattern papers (to create these flowers). Renee has also provided a step by step. wasn't that so sweet of her?!

Can you just imagine making these for a little girls room, a party, a baby shower or a wedding? Using any paper gives you endless possibilities.


Materials you will need:

2 sheets 12x12 of Pattern Paper
floral tape
(1) thick floral wire for stem
(10) thin floral wires for petals
scraps of paper for flower centers

Using pattern:
Cut 5 small petals - flip over and cut 5 more (make sure you cut 5 opposite of each other as you will sew them on top of each other).
Cut 5 large petals - flip over and cut 5 more (make sure you cut 5 opposite of each other as you will sew them on top of each other).

Step 1.
Take two petals and a piece a the thin floral wire...tape the wire at least 1/2 way up to one side of the petal...lay the other petal on top and stitch together.
Repeat until you have sewn all 10 petals (5 small and 5 large).

Step 2. Making your fringe for the flower center.
Cut a strip of paper either pattern paper or cardstock about 7 inches by 1 inch. Cut small cuts all the way down your strip without cutting through so it looks like a comb.
On another strip 5 inches by 3/4 of an inch do the same thing...then you will roll it up, starting with this smaller strip and then start rolling the larger strip around it.

Step 3. Now its time to start assembling your flower.
With your first petal and your floral tape start wrapping at the base to cover the paper stem once that is completely covered add the next petal and wrap again...once the second petal is there, that's when I added the fringe. It gets a bit tricky here and it will to unroll...add one petal at a time and add the floral tape evenly going up the stem and down the stem adding a new petal each time. Each time you add a new petal you can arrange the petals and place them the way you want them...but be careful because the wire can easily pop through that paper. Once the last petal has been added use the floral wire to cover the entire wire stem.

(copy and paste this image, to print on a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper)

Have fun with this everyone!



  1. Awesome Flowers!!! I'd love to take all the credit for them, but I got the orginal pattern from the wonderfully talented Kandis Smith! :)

  2. WOWZER! Those are so awesome. My dd saw them and she said she wants them...hehehe Guess I have to get pick up a few more items!

  3. WOW! Renee, those are drop dead gorgeous! Love them!

  4. Those are awesome flowers!!! Love it!! thanks for sharing!!

    Have a SWEET day!!