WOOHOO... It's product testing time!

We are so excited to announce our very first product testing gal.

Summer Johnson

Summer did such an amazing job using our products. We sent her everything yellow, orange, and gold in embellishments and she in return made 5 beautiful projects.

One frame, 2 layouts, one mini album and one card.

They all have a fun warm summer theme and are bright with colors. What a great idea to add the chip board to a frame. Talk about being creative! I also loved how she layered the chipboard on this Happy layout.
We also asked Summer to write a review about the products. We wanted her to be truthful, so that GCD can grow! After all, how can we fix issues... if we don't know their there?!

Summer's Review:

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I really enjoyed using all of it - I had the Sunkist Gold products, and the colors were fabulous. I could definitely use them for any project theme. I LOVED the chipboard shapes and letters - there were so many shapes in the package, I was able to make a mini-album and various projects - it went on forever! I loved the chipboard letters as well. One thing I really liked about the glitter letters was how many letters came in one package..and TWO SETS of numbers! Woohoo! I can get so many projects and page titles out of these - they just go on and on. If I did change my mind, though, they didn't come off easily, they would rip and I'd have to find another. I'm one of those put it down, need to change it five times before I commit scrappers. Also, I adored the designs of the rubons, and I had a lot of design plans for them, but I had a really hard time getting them off the packaging. Especially any that contained the red color. The epoxy stickers were awesome - loved all the shapes and I love that I had no trouble putting them down and pulling them up, moving them all over, and now that they're down, they're there for good inside my albums! Love that!

Heidi's Follow up:

I myself have noticed the glitter sticker get a little stuck and this is how I fixed it.

The stickers with the curly font seemed to be the small issue and it's because of the shape curves and swirls. When pulling up the stickers, pull gently. This will help them come up perfectly with out any issues.

I love how Summer used the glitter letter stickers, for this mini albums cover! This album is a mini-mini album. She used the shaped chipboard and added photos with tags to it.

Check out this card she made to look like a tie! HOW COOL and GREAT IDEA!

and what is NOT to LOVE about this layout?! I love the bright yellows with the blues. Look at how cute the title is. Her use of the chip board shows a perfect example on how to use it creatively.

I also couldn't go without noticing this little bug she made from the epoxy stickers... Brilliant!

What do you think? Do you love her review of the products? We'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Wow, I just love those layouts! Great job!
    I have the Margarita paper pad and love it! How could I send you my cards or where could I post them for GCD to see?

  2. Great job testing out those products! I really love the homemade bug she made with the embellishments. The review was great: honest and very helpful! Great job, Summer

  3. You lucky girl Summer! I love how truthful she was! Great, honest review! PS I am also a honest girl!! hint, hint!!!

  4. Love the honest review! And Summer is an amazing designer... she rocks! :)

  5. Thanks for the review! Cute projects!

  6. Wow Summer! These are FABULOUS projects! Love what you did! Loved your honest and candid product review too. Nice touch adding some helpful hints, Heidi!

  7. Love the June Bug layout, that little epoxy bug really is the cutest little thing! Also loved the lovely stitched sunshine on the first layout! Great job, girl!! =)

    On another note, I am loving the new header...very summery! =)

  8. very creative with the little bug! Love the epoxies

  9. Beautiful work and style, Summer!

  10. Beautiful projects! I, too, am a change it 5 times before I finally commit kind of scrapper...and there are many products out there that will NOT move once they are down...so I learned to actually leave the embelie on the backing sheet and cut it out, placing backing and all on the layout or project. This allows me to move it around freely until I finally make a decision to stick everything down...then I pull the backing off and voila! No ripping, tearing or otherwise ruining my project.

  11. Absolutely adorable!!! Love all your creations!!