Spot light- Carissa Peach

Please Welcome
Carissa Peach

Hello Everyone. My name is Carissa Peach, which is funny to me, but I was married into it, my poor husband was named James Peach! And he is a Giant ;) . I am a stay at home mom with a fantastic husband and 3 year old daughter who I love to death and is the star of my art. I have been scrapbooking for over 9 years, but really got into it after the birth of my daughter in 2006. I am mostly self taught and then as I honed my skills, strive to teach others this obsession. I have always been a crafter of some kind and dabble in all faucets of art. My love of interior design helps me to create balance, functionality and interest in my art. I love all the papers from GCD Studios and had fun creating inspiring projects with them.

Besides Carissa's funny comment about her hubby being James Peach (I love that movie) lol... I think she has done beautiful work! I loved this layout the most! I love how clean and simple it is.

Great job Carissa!
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