Photo Challenge

Being that Fathers Day is on Sunday... I have a fun photo Challenge for you all!
Tomorrow (Sat) and Sunday, take a moment to stop and photograph a simple, but special moment between "daddy" and your kids. I love to take photos when their is some kind of interaction, with each other and not looking at the camera.

Just like this photo of my hubby, teaching Bradley to ride a bike

Or this photo, of my hubby playing with Calvin

And even this sleepy moment. Try moving your camera in different spot, in order to get a whole new look. For this shot I came over their heads/shoulders

How about this photo of Uncle Mike, giving Bradley a little ride in the cul-de-sac?! A photo of your kids interacting with uncles, can also be very special.
And last, a photo of them sitting on Grandpa's or Daddy's leg.

As Scrapbookers, we all know that "great photos... make great pages"! So, make sure you take the time to get a "great photo" this weekend (I'll report back what I get on Monday).
Here are two layout by our DT Gals
Brenda's layout:
I love that she took a photo on her dad's leg and not the kids. This shows how close they are.
Estee's Layout:
Here is a great example of an interaction shot. It looks like she caught them in the middle of a little talk.

Whatever you come up with, we (GCD) hope you have a Happy Fathers Day weekend and take a few GREAT photos!


  1. Great pics, great ideas. and Fabulous LO's!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)