Grace Ma

Grace's blog
"I'm Grace Ma from Singapore! I'm a stay-at-home mum to two little tykes aged 5 and 3 years, a freelance writer, and a scrapper with whatever left over time I have. My idea of winding down is creating a layout or a handmade gift for a friend. I don't really have a particular style, but I've a penchant for browns, reds and oranges so they tend to show up in my creations. Some days when I'm on a roll, I can scrap or make stuff until 2am! My husband thinks I'm crazy to sacrifice sleep but he's still awfully sweet and supportive of my hobby. I also love to take pictures, especially of my travels and children, with my Canon EOS 350D - a second-hand purchase that I consider my best investment to date! So, photography+scrapping = a happy me =) I'm thankful that I can capture the moments I spend with my family and friends and enjoy every minute of it."
Heidi's thoughts:
I love that Grace has a clean layering style! It allow you to enjoy everything... without overload!
It's such lovely work :)