Tracey Taylor

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I am a French teacher by profession who has recently embarked on a new career as a stay at home Mom. Scrapbooking is not only a hobby, by a way to keep me contected to my old life. I teach scrapbooking classes in person (local crops) and online. I am also sometimes a student enjoying photography classes by Kathy Thompson and Jessica Sprague. Learning truly is a life long process and I enjoy every minute of it whether I'm the one who is learning or the one guiding it.

Heidi's thoughts:
When I look at Tracey's work... one word comes to mind... elegant :) I love the soft colors she uses and how "light and air like" it is :) just beautiful!


  1. am so loving this "welcome Home" layout-mix of a traditonal but contemporary look combined-love using b/w shots too!

  2. Hey Trace, congrats on another job well done!!!!

  3. I love the whimsy in both these pages!

  4. Love your mix of patterns & colors! Just Beautiful!