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Product Tester
My name is Naureen O’Neale, and I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband, and our son. I work full time as an Elementary School Teacher and I spend much of my free time scrapbooking. My husband supports my addiction 100%. I have been scrapping for about 7 years. I started seriously scrapping right after I got married and right when I found out I was pregnant with my son. I also teach classes at my local scrapping store each month, along with designing projects for retail displays.

Heidi's thoughts:
I love Naureen uses of pattern paper and how she mixes them together. I also love how much colors is used! Great work girl.
Diana Fisher said...
The samples today are amazing!! I love those cards!

*charygirl said...
I just love Melody Ross' style!Those tags are wonderful!

KateB said...
gorgeous! and for those of ya'll who are looking for it at Michaels, it is only being carried at those Michaels that are SUPER stores (the huge ones) which sucks...I know this since I went to Michaels 5 times before I was told this.

CONGRATS GIRLS... send me your info at hsonboul@gcdstudio.com
please place "Artsy Urban tag winner" in the subject line.


  1. Love the pages! And thanks for choosing me! To win!!

  2. Congrats Naureen, your pages are wonderful!
    And boy oh boy Artsy Urban coming my way!!
    Yippee.....and THANX!

  3. A hugh congratulations Naureen! You go girl! Gorgeous pages!

  4. Hi Heidi!
    I've tried sending you an email, but it keeps coming back to me. Any suggestions?