I love advent calendars

I loved advent calendars when I was a little girl. To be honest, I still love them as an adult. Every year I purchase an chocolate advent calender for my girls but this year I wanted to make one. I found a little box template online and then proceeded to created 24 of these cute little packages of happiness.

They take a little time to make but they are so worth it. Just find a box template you like and then go to town. You can even enlist your little helpers to punch out the circles and adhere them to the boxes. I add a few pieces of candy to each box and then place the boxes in order on my mantel piece.

Under the Big Top from Funhouse
Sweet Spot from Material Girl
Butterfly Harmony from Spring in Bloom

I hope that this will inspire you to create your own version of an advent calendar. Even though it's the 11th... you're not too late. So, just get out those papers and get crafty!

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