wrapping gifts

I will admit it - I am no good at wrapping gifts. My corners are not perfectly creased, I never seem to cut the right amount of wrapping paper before starting, and I tend to end up with tape sticking my fingers together. So what's a girl like me to do? Bag it. And just so that simple bag can stand up to all the pretty, perfect boxes under the tree, add an over the top gift topper.

Using scraps from the Scandia Jul collection, a few snowflake ornaments and a handful of picks from the holiday floral aisle, I whipped up these gift toppers each in a matter of minutes.

Using a striped patterned paper always makes for a great rosette. Jingle bells tied with twine are the perfect center embellishment.

A large berry pick is prettier with hand-cut, patterned paper leaves.

A large banner cut from patterned paper and laid over a smaller berry pick makes for a great "to and from" backdrop.

A thinner banner with cabochon accent is a fun addition to a feather, jingle bell pick. With fanciful gift toppers like these, I'm hoping no one notices my lack of present wrapping skills. Happy holidays!



  1. So cute Tessa! I might have to borrow your Pinwheel topped snowflake!

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  3. Your bags are gorgeous and a great way to showcase a gift with ease!