Oh my word... I'm finally back

After a long 7 days... I finally have the Internet in our new home :) THANK HEAVENS!! Tomorrow I'll post pics of our new little place :)

Okay, lets play catch up!

1) The winner of the Sunny Days collection is....

Tanya said...
I can't stand moving! In the past 10 years, we have packed to move 7 times. Hopefully we will be here for a long time- or maybe the next time we move we will hire movers to move us.
August 28, 2009 9:48 AM

Man, I could never move 7 times! I hope this paper pack will make it all better girl!

2) Today's RWW is.... Melissa Elsner

3) Because of the move... I wasn't able to post about Nathalia (Our Aug Guest Design Artist) on time. So, here is the last of her amazing work! She makes me wish it was fall right now!

THANKS Nathalia for being our AUG gal!!! YOU TRULY ARE TALENTED!

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see WHO our Sept Guest Design Gal is!

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