Colors Everywhere

Colors are everywhere around us, sometimes we gravitate towards certain colors more then others. I'll be the first to admit I am usually a creature of habit when it comes to colors I am always reaching for the same ones, looking for the same colors when shopping, decorating with the same colors,wearing the same colors and just plain ol getting giddy when I see those colors. If your asking what those colors might be they are greens, yellows, reds, turquoise, browns, grey, black, and white. This months color challenge was right up my alley and this photo immediately popped out to mePhotobucketin this photo you can see why. A peek at my spools of color collection I keep in a vintage roaster.PhotobucketWhen I looked at the inspiration photo i started rummaging thru the photos on my computer these camping photos struck a chord with me, I kept seeing the same colors and getting inspired. Plus what better way to finally scrap camping photos from 3 years ago then to use the GCD Studio Great Outdoors line which has been waiting for me to just cut into it


PhotobucketIn this photo you can see the close up of that layout where I layered small squares like those on the quiltPhotobucketHere you see a closeup of the right side edge of the layout


as inspired by that map up in the corner to angle and use the small photos on this layout.Also those those little ants reminded me of the centers of the quilts flowers and how they pop out at you.
PhotobucketWhen I sat down to create I really wasn't planning on doing a 2pager but it just came together really quickly. I'm tellin ya those colors a magic for me.
So tell me what colors do you gravitate towards? Do you notice that the colors you use in you home decor spills over to your scrapbooking?

GCD Studio Products Used:
Happy Camper - The Great Outdoors Collection by Heather Tozzi

Adventurer - The Great Outdoors Collection by Heather Tozzi

Trail Blazer - The Great Outdoors Collection by Heather Tozzi

Come One, Come All - Funhouse Collection by Tina Higgins



  1. This is AWESOME!! LOVING the textures and the photos down the side!! And loving where you grabbed some inspo from!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. cute layout Mandy! My family loves to go camping every year too.

  3. I really love your work!! Fabulous layout!

  4. awesome design Mandy! love that enlarged photo and string of smaller ones!

  5. Mandy, I LOVE the use of a roasting pan for storage! So clever. I've got one hiding in a cupboard that my grandmother gave me - I'm going to have to put it to use this way :).

  6. fantastic layout!! I just love it!