And I made this little squirrel

I love the movie Up! My favorite part is the talking dog, especially how earnest and dedicated he was...until he thought he saw a squirrel.

Since I'm a high school teacher, this story is perfect for me to use in the classroom. Any time I see the students off task, I say, "Squirrel!" They know I'm pointing out their distracted attention and get back to work, after a little laughter.

This was especially helpful in my AP English class last year, a class I truly loved to teach. What a good natured bunch of kids who worked so very hard with such good humor! To remember the good year and all the times I said "Squirrel!" to them, I made this page:

And I made this little squirrel:

GCD Studios' Elementary, My Dear worked perfectly on this page to set off the blue shirts in the photo. And the perfect paper for squirrel-making is Trail Blazer from The Great Outdoors:

To make the squirrel, I used these punches and scissors:

And this ink, floss, and brad:

Plus some googly eyes. (I always love when I get a chance to add some googly eyes to my pages.)

Don't hold back if you want to add an image to your page but don't have the image on hand; rather than going shopping, paper piece the exact accent you want!

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  1. That is fabulous! I love the photo, the way you journaled and loveeeeee the squirrel! :):):):):):)