Mother's Day Week - Gift for her

I found it harder and harder each year to come up with a good gift for the most important and most special woman in my life for Mother's Day. So this year, I am giving her a gift card :) I made a card and a gift card holder to add some personal touch. I was inspired by this photo  to use a tote bag for mother's gifts!

Supplies: Posies Paper (1683) - Splendor, Candytuft Paper (1676) - Splendor, Letter Tiles Paper (1680) - Splendor, Zig Zag Paper (1687) - Splendor

Download the Tote Bag Template
Print the template at 100% scale on paper or cardstock to use as a template. 


The tote bag is in a pretty good size when finished: 4"x2.5"x2". I hope that you are inspired to make one yourself using some beautiful GCD Studios papers! Have Fun and show our mothers and gradmas how much we care! Happy mother's Day!

Nina Yang GCD Studios DT, 2012 GCD Studios Card Gal


  1. These are sooooooo CUTE! LOVE!

  2. These are both beautiful!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the card and love love love love that little bag!!! Just ADORABLE!!!!!

  3. how cute!!! thanks for sharing!

  4. I love these Nina! I am totally going to make some of these!

  5. These are so fun! Perfect for Mother's Day! Gorgeous!