Triangle Week - Altered Frame

Hey guys! So, for this month I was asked to do a picture frame with some sort of design using triangles. I imediately thought of this fun intertwining pattern.


So to make the frame, all I did was:
1. Find a plain picture frame (try to match the color closely to the glitter)
2. Apply spray-on adhesive to all desired areas
3. Pour glitter over all sides with adhesive, and spread it out evenly, then remove all excess
4. And you are done!
Making the "picture" for the frame was also very simple:
1. Get a plain white piece of cardstock and cut it down to size to fit in the frame
2. Cut desired size triangles and weave them in and out of eachother
3. Then all I did was apply some embeleshments and vuala!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Abbie Nichols GCD Studios DT, 2012 GCD Studios Teen Sponsor


  1. I adore the glittered frame! The twine is a fun addition, too!

  2. Wowwwww! This is GORGEOUS!! LOVING how you did the triangles!!!